Lancaster County's Homeless

On any given day in Lancaster County, approximately 360 people are experiencing homelessness. Some are in emergency shelters. Others are on the street, in places not meant for human habitation.

Ending homelessness in Lancaster County starts by understanding the people behind the numbers and looking beyond the myths.

The homeless population is made up of people of all ages. Men, women and children. Families who have lost the struggle to make ends meet. None of them thought they'd find themselves here... All of them want and deserve a safe place to call home.

Other Contributing Factors to Homelessness

72% of ALL households in Lancaster County are cost burdened, meaning they are paying 50% or more of their income for rent/mortgage, utilities and transportation. Such burdens make the loss of a job or a sudden illness devastating to many families, sometimes resulting in homelessness.

The average cost for rent in Lancaster County is $834 per month. A person working a minimum wage job ($7.25/hr) would need to work 107 hours a week just to pay their rent.

The top three groups receiving welfare or public assistance benefits are the elderly, disabled and children.

Did You Know?

40% of individuals who have become homeless have jobs...

The number one reason individuals give for becoming homeless is family disruption... Fire, death, domestic violence, loss of job and divorce are just some of the reasons families lose their homes.

Other reasons people become homeless include lack of affordable housing, disability and soaring medical costs.

23% of homeless individuals suffer from mental illness...

It's About Helping People Help Themselves

LCCEH's programs work to get individuals and families into a safe, permanent home of their own as quickly as possible, while providing the support and services they need to sustain their new home.

Thanks to the Housing First Approach, LCCEH has made great strides in the battle against homelessness in Lancaster County by reducing the number of homeless people on the street by 25%, while increasing the number of people we help each year by over 30%. We have reduced veteran homelessness to ZERO, providing a system that can house every veteran who becomes homeless.

But the battle against homelessness is far from over. While more people are finding help, there are still people out there who freeze to death and children who have no safe place to live.

BUT with your help we can ensure that homelessness in Lancaster County is rare, brief, and non-reoccurring. Lancaster County can end homelessness with the right amount of funding and services.

Join the fight against homelessness in Lancaster County! Find out how you can help today!